Out-Source & Recruitment

Manpower Out-source

Our commitment to provide qualified and experienced employees to run your business, so as to cover your needs in line with your ambitions. Among our services we can assume the task of supervising and operating the team in various fields, where we provide you in each of the disciplines (project managers – Secretarial – Administrators – Direct Sales – Marketing – Supervisor -Internal Security Guards – Customer Service).


We specialize in more than a decade in the provision of human resources for the business sector and government sector, a development of the company's strategy the Board has decided to contribute to supporting the private sector in the provision of cadres needed to cover their actions,and to support young men and women in job creation and our desire to provide the latest systems to provide new employment you the best, and we are avoid you the trouble of looking for the employees, make all the required assessment tests and interviews to choose the most appropriate for you.

Service Benefits

  1. Ease the burden and the time and effort for our customers.
  2. Quality in the provision of appropriate staff.
  3. The ability to switch the candidate.